Nick Black


I am currently interested in Javascript, React, Python, and Node.

Software Engineer - Leidos - May 2019 to Present

I started my work at Leidos working on an app called Pathways. Pathways helped keep track of patients and their journey through the hospital.

Pathways was built utilizing Polymer, HTML, and CSS on the front end. The unit testing was done with Sinon, Mocha, and Chai. The backend was LEAF (a proprietary framework)/Java, and utilized Docker for container management, MongoDB for the database, and Kafka/Zookeeper for its messaging system. Build automation was handled by Jenkins.

As of now, I am working on a new application under the careC2 umbrella. We have borrowed some microservices from Pathways extending them as well as creating new ones. The tooling has changed with the addition of Kubernetes for clusters in conjunction with Docker. We have also replaced Polymer with React.

Web Developer - Quaver Music - Oct 2018 to May 2019

Design and deploy web applications utilizing the Dart (Google) programming language, write frameworks to ease the development of future code, and refactor existing code within the code base to meet current standards.

My time at Quaver was spent writing Dart and Stage XL code to complete micro games. I would take assets given to me in Illustrator by the art team and create small games utilizing gaffs, sprites, sound files, etc. These would be deployed into our dev environment and once we tested them fully, they were moved to alpha and then eventually production where they were embedded into the live site and curriculum.